31 May, 2010

Where have been?

We really suck at updating stuff. Right now Ben is in LA until next Monday or Tuesday, we are all extremely jealous right now. But we do have some good news, we will be heading out this July with Feeding Lies for a week.

We are working on getting some new shirts in and hopefully getting demo’s out soon, possibly with 2 new songs.

We are playing another show with Gravemaker on June 11th. It’s in a basement so if you live anywhere near Cedar Falls, IA, come out and get shitty.

Big cartel should be up soon…we really suck at this shit.

17 April, 2010
17 April, 2010

First show with new line up.

more to come shortly.

1 April, 2010
We finally got new jams and more shows
click the photo.

We finally got new jams and more shows

click the photo.

9 November, 2009

We have pizza…since when!

We’ve kind of just fallen of the face of the earth so it seems. The past month consisted of writing jams and figuring out what we want to do for recording this winter. There maybe some line-up changes coming soon, there were some problems within the band last Wednesday and we had to drop off the show.

We have nothing else right now…big cartel should be set up for good next week.

9 November, 2009
1 November, 2009
26 October, 2009
Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

7 October, 2009

King Nothing

Stickers are coming in this week and couldn’t be more stoked on it. We are also playing a show on November 4th will mark our 3rd time playing with our friends from Co,MO, Nothing To Nothing. Dudes always put on a good show and always make things super fun, very excited to share another night with them. November 26th with Former Thieves and Touche Amore if you don’t listen to either of those bands, you should. December 22nd marks the return of our good friends Commodity from Il. And sometime prior to that show we will be recording with the amazing Christian Brown. There are currently talks of a split happening that will be better detailed after Christmas, something WILL be happening. To add to that, we have 3 new songs written, with 2 more to come. While only 3 of them will make the cut, the other 2 you will be able to hear at shows.

There are also talks of doing an Il. show in the coming months. We are looking at conversion vans, we need a beast to ride.